A shady situation?

I was just informed by an acquaintance of mine, Sarah Brown, that someone pretending to be me had contacted her via text message to set up a photo shoot in Los Angeles. 

This is concerning to me as it was not me contacting her or anyone on my behalf. This is a huge safety risk for everyone as this individual could be out to do physical or financial harm to the people they are choosing to contact.

I do not know the identity of the person who contacted her, their intention, or if they have contacted other people. If anyone contacts or has contacted you claiming to be me with an attempt to set up a shoot and/or asks for money up front that is not me.

If we do not know each other on a close personal level I will not set up a shoot via text message. Email is the primary way I set up my shoots and additional details are discussed via text message or skype.

I will be attempting to take any possible legal action tomorrow Monday January 8th, 2017, but in the mean time if anyone claiming to be me but is using a 213-262-something number contacts you attempting to shoot do not proceed.


Nicole Stephens

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